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Your nonprofit wants more online donations, right? So let’s assume you’ve done the hard work of convincing a donor that they should donate. They’re convinced. They click on the donate link.

Now you need to get them through checkout. That’s simple enough, right? You’ve got some payment processor set up, and the online donations come through. Here’s the problem, though. The donor just needs one reason to give up on the donation. Maybe the link takes too long to load. Maybe they see a screen that looks like it requires an account. Maybe they don’t feel like creating a password. Whatever it is, they just need one reason to walk away, and you’ll never even know they were going to donate. Sometimes they don’t even have a reason — they think they’ve donated — but they only got through 6 of the 7 screens and you never got the money.

Amazon sells more than anyone else online and so they know a thing or two about getting people to pay online. If you use 1-Click, you know what I’m talking about. Amazon has invested serious money in making purchases as frictionless as possible. You can’t invest in this the way Amazon can, but you should do anything you can to make donating easier.

So what should you do? You should use the absolute slickest payment processor you can afford.

As long as you’re paying a transaction fee and not a monthly charge, you’re not going to lose money. Yes, it will be more expensive than the super-cheap processors, but you’ll receive more donations. Your goal is more total donations, not low overhead.

Our recommendation is Givalike. In addition to a very smooth checkout process (which means more donations) you’ll get great customer service (fewer headaches.) Givalike is completely dedicated to frictionless donations — and that’s good for your business. We’ve used a lot of other payment processors that cater to nonprofits, and Givalike is the only one I can recommend.

Side note: Givalike also has a really nice integration with Salesforce.

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