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Team Rubicon Global, a client of Mission Edge, has been empowering veterans to provide disaster relief since January of 2010, when a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. A group of military veterans felt compelled to pull together and deploy to Port-au-Prince to offer support. From this mission, Team Rubicon was born.

TRG at work.

TRG at work.

As we all know, last year brought several unprecedented natural disasters to numerous communities around the world. Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, and deadly earthquakes have devastated Texas, Florida, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Team Rubicon Global wasted no time deploying an army of volunteer veterans, first responders, and civilians to the affected areas. From search and rescue support, to medical aid, to property recovery, volunteers are changing the lives of those affected by these disasters.

Thanks to the carefully organized, cloud-based system Team Rubicon Global has developed over the years, they have an expansive roster of qualified volunteers to depend on when disaster strikes. From executing complex and vital communication needs, to developing safe limits for how to conduct business, to administering volunteer background checks, and much more, orchestrating large scale relief efforts is no easy task. Team Rubicon Global has the system down pat and is the go-to support for budding Team Rubicon groups in other countries. They ensure that safe standards are in place and usher new countries through the Team Rubicon model so that partner nations can develop and grow their own teams.

“Veterans are highly trained, experienced and action oriented; they’re damn good at disaster response. We learned this back in 2010 when our small group of veterans and medical professionals deployed to Haiti. Over the years, it’s been reaffirmed through more than 210 operations in more than 25 countries, with over 55,000 veteran and first-responder volunteers worldwide who have joined our network
— William McNulty, co-founder, TRG

Not only does Team Rubicon Global offer support to victims of natural disasters, but they empower veterans to continue their impactful service. These individuals have been through intensive training in active duty that is a huge value to relief efforts. Instead of leaving these skills behind when they depart from the service, and carrying the traumas of war, Team Rubicon Global helps their volunteers reframe the profile of what a disaster environment looks like and leverage their training investments for continued impact.  
We are proud to support Team Rubicon Global through our managed services at Mission Edge, and urge you to get involved with this fantastic organization.

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