Second Chance Youth Garden Wins Grand Prize of $10,000 in Mission Edge's San Diego Accelerator + Impact Lab

Mission Edge has announced the winning social enterprise for the San Diego Accelerator and Impact Lab (SAIL) Pitch Night, which took place on October 24th, 2017, at 5:30 PM in the Irwin M. Jacobs Hall at Qualcomm. 

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What's in a Name? Plenty, It Turns Out.

I spent my career in the for-profit world where incentives and goals were pretty clear. You formed a company to bring a product or service to market and you charged a price that ensured you made enough margin to cover your costs and leave you with a profit. 

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The Value of Social Enterprise

This month, our CEO, Ken Davenport, talks with The San Diego Foundation about the value of social enterprise. Social enterprise is more than a strategy to create earned revenue streams; it’s a mindset shift.

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Conflict of Interest Policy

Your conflict of interest (COI) policy is one of the most important policies that your non-profit organization should have in place.  It’s a critical document needed to protect your organization, your board members, your staff, your partners, and your funders.

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Headstands and Healing at OG Yoga

JoAnn Jaffe has spent her life as a fundraiser, leader, social change advocate, and passionate yogi. While her resume touts impressive experience throughout the private and public sector, JoAnn’s current role as founder and CEO of OG Yoga, a fiscally sponsored project of Mission Edge, has provided meaning in a way to which other roles can’t compare.

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Board Building 101: How to Build Your Dream Board

One of the first (and most important) steps of starting a nonprofit is identifying a board of directors that will help provide oversight and governance for your organization.

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The Importance of Cash Reserves

Developing and maintaining the financial health of your organization is a critical component of carrying out your mission. Ways to do this include actively managing your cash flow and making sure you have adequate cash to cover unplanned expenses, slow revenue collection or an unforeseen circumstance.

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A New Social Enterprise Accelerator in San Diego

For the past five years, Mission Edge has worked with more than 160 nonprofit organizations of all sizes and in all sectors. Many of these organizations share two fundamental characteristics. First, they have a passionate, talented staff and community supporters who care deeply about the problems they are trying to solve. 

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Upgrading Your Online Donations

Your nonprofit wants more online donations, right? So let’s assume you’ve done the hard work of convincing a donor that they should donate. They’re convinced. They click on the donate link.

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What Leaders Can Learn From Nonprofit Passion

What does it mean to bring in an executive from the private sector to your nonprofit? Generally, the idea is that his or her business acumen will rub off on your organization for the better, giving you a much-needed shot of private sector discipline.

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Board Member Roles and Responsibilities

Board management is a critical part of nonprofit success and, when done correctly, can enhance your organization’s overall mission. One of the most important factors in the management process is to ensure that board members understand their respective roles and associated responsibilities. This can be done by creating clearly defined board member job descriptions.

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Use This Checklist for Tax-Exempt Applications Made Easier

You’ve identified your passion and cause, now you’re ready to start formally serving and providing support to that effort. It’s no secret that applying for your 501c(3) can be a demanding task. However, there are a number of things you can do to make the process run more smoothly.

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