How to Kick-Start The Relationship With Your New Consulting Firm

Early in my career, I worked as a client engagement executive in a consulting firm. At the start of every new engagement, I would joke with my team that, “the best day of a client project is the first day. Everyone is happy and full of hope. And then it’s downhill from there.” While I said this tongue-in-cheek and always got a laugh, there is a modicum of truth to it. But, it doesn’t have to be that way for either the consultant or the client.

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How to Retain (and Motivate) Your Nonprofit Staff

Did you know that the desks at your nonprofit are full of cash?

What if I told you that the average employee at a nonprofit is sitting on $15,000 to $30,000 in cash? Or that senior executives have as much as a $100,000 buried in the nether reaches of their desks?

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City SAIL Participant Secures $100,000 Impact Investment


City SAIL graduate, Skinny Gene Project, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing type 2 diabetes by educating and empowering at-risk families, recently secured their first impact investment loan from Mission Driven Finance. The firm, which is an investment company dedicated to providing socially-minded businesses with transformative investment opportunities, announced its investment in the form of a $100,000 impact loan that is aimed at helping the organization secure compliant data systems as well as increase their workforce’s capacity and provide employee benefits.

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Nonprofit Consulting: Is it Right for You?

When I first joined the nonprofit world in 2010, after a career in the private sector, it struck me how many small to mid-size nonprofits struggle with operational functions like accounting and human resource management. As the CEO of several businesses, I routinely outsourced accounting, HR, and IT to firms that specialized in these activities — a move that enhanced quality while driving down costs. I knew my organization didn’t have expertise in these areas and that it was more efficient to leave it to those who did.

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Sunlight Retreats Declared Winner of Mission Edge's City SAIL Final Pitch Event

A panel of three judges from the San Diego business community have officially named Sunlight Retreats the winner of Mission Edge’s City SAIL (Social Enterprise Accelerator and Impact Lab) Final Pitch Event on July 16th.

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Mission Edge's City SAIL Final Pitch Event Will Showcase Local Social Enterprises

Mission Edge’s City SAIL (Social Enterprise Accelerator and Impact Lab) Final Pitch Event will showcase 10 San Diego based social enterprises. Entrepreneurs will each deliver a five minute pitch at Gaslamp’s Revel Revel on Tuesday, July 16th from 6:00-8:00PM.

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Wesley House Student Residence Triples Funding From SAIL Final Event

After being declared the winner of Mission Edge’s SAIL (Social Enterprise Accelerator and Impact Lab) Final Pitch Event, Wesley House Student Residence was able to more than triple their award funding from the $2,500 prize received at the event.

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GRAMMYS and Giving Back: The SWITCHFOOT BRO-AM Foundation

In 2005, after traveling the world, SWITCHFOOT dreamed up an idea to give back to their hometown that supported them as both surfers and musicians. They decided to rally the San Diego community and to invest in kids who might need a hand up, by starting the SWITCHFOOT BRO-AM Foundation.

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Urban Street Angels Declared Winner of Social Enterprise Accelerator + Impact Lab

A panel of local social enterprise moguls have officially named Urban Street Angels the winner of Mission Edge’s Social Enterprise Accelerator + Impact Lab (SAIL) Pitch Night on June 12th at The Honor Foundation. 

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Client Spotlight: Voices for Children

Mission Edge is thrilled to highlight one of our newest clients, Voices for Children. Voices for Children works to ensure every child in the foster care system gets the voice he/she needs. 

Founded in 1980, they are ranked in the top 3 of nearly 1,000 CASA programs in the nation. Last year, Voices for Children staff and more than 1,600 volunteers together advocated on behalf of more than 3,400 children in San Diego and Riverside Counties. 

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Client Spotlight: National Alliance on Mental Illness of San Diego

NAMI was initially established in the early 1970s as a group called “Parents of Adult Schizophrenics.” These parents believed their children were entitled to services and a quality of life they weren’t getting. Over the last 40 years, the organization has grown to include over 900 affiliates across the country that are all working to support people with mental illnesses and their families, as well as provide and advocate for better mental health services.

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Mission Edge Launches its 2018 Social Enterprise Accelerator and Impact Lab (SAIL)


Mission Edge announces the launch of its 2018 Social Enterprise Accelerator and Impact Lab (SAIL), designed to empower nonprofit organizations and purpose-driven businesses to develop and grow sustainable, revenue-based business models that align with their social missions. 

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